Some words from our Agisters AND CLIENTS

5* I have had my Percheron x TB Tessa at SCP for almost 3 years now, and I have never felt more comfortable or happy at an agistment. My horse’s needs are always accommodated and she has flourished into such a happy horse in both everyday and her work ethic. Not to mention the facilities are 5 star and everything is always kept clean, tidy and beautiful. With being a colic prone horse, SCP goes above and beyond to feed my horse 6 x a day to ensure good gut health and decrease colic risks… no agistment has ever offered me this type of great service. Sandra supports all individual equestrian journeys/needs and supports us in our dreams to make our horses the best versions of themselves. Can’t thank Sandra and the SCP staff enough for always being so caring to Tessa and for providing a second home to enjoy 🐴❤️
April Cussen and Tessa.

5* I have an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. One of the greatest improvements to my mental health has occurred since I experienced Spring Creek Park. I never feel anxious when I’m there. As a new horse owner, I have never felt helpless, hopeless or isolated. All people, whether staff or fellow horse owner, are friendly, informative and helpful. It is so clear that Sandra cares about every individual horse and has so much knowledge to offer. Thank you for supporting me but, most of all, thank you for creating a place that is so positive for me.

Karen Stewart


5* Sofie Elizabeth recommends Spring Creek Park Agistment and Horsemanship Centre.

Best horse Agistment in the area by a mile. The staff and Sandra always look after your horses the paddocks are checked daily, the horse's health and welfare is checked 24-7 and if there is a problem Sandra calls straight away. My mare got very sick not long ago and Sandra kept me updated all the time when I couldn't be there. And now she goes out of her way to feed my horse 5 small feeds a day to keep her gut moving to prevent her from getting sick again. Nowhere else would do this, this is truly amazing Sandra cares for all the horses on the property and would do the same for anyone.

The facilities are amazing and the environment is so friendly and welcoming.

Very happy here hope to stay here forever.


5* Claudia Zammitt recommends Spring Creek Park Agistment and Horsemanship Centre.

If I could give 100 stars I would. Sandra and all of her staff are efficient, caring, professional and polite. By far the best agistment in the area. Facilities 10/10 paddocks 10/10 I could go on. Horses are cared for and fed to how you want it and fed 3 times a day. I have admired both my horses love it here and this looks like our forever home. Sandra is welcoming and treats every horse and owner equally. You really can't ask for anything better.


5*  "Hi, my name is Roy. Just wanted to say a big thank you to my sudo mummies Sandra and Lisa for taking such good care of me. My mum is super happy with my weight and health and we always do fun stuff. I still don't trust that bird that talks though"

Roy and Jade


5* My horse is currently agisted at (Full board) at Spring Creek Park for the last 9 months. First class facilities, safe environment & friendly atmosphere. I rest easy knowing my horse is under the watchful eye & wonderful care SCP team!

Georgia and Ivy Gibbs.


5* Amazing place to agist my horse! The facilities are second to none, with service to match....nothing's ever a problem. The staff go above and beyond to keep me and my horse happy.

Bree and Chicky babe


5* Awsome care of my horse.....facilities and people are brilliant!!

    Adele and Dane


5*“A little grey stock horse called Jelly came into my world about 5 years ago, and she came with some baggage and major anxiety issues. Although a very sweet horse on the ground, she had always been extremely highly strung, anxious and fearful of everything when under saddle, riding out and about. When something would frighten her, she would get extremely wound up, and it became impossible to calm her down. I could feel her entire body tense up underneath me and she would fly sideways violently, shying at things or start prancing and leaping around in a mad panic, desperately searching for an escape. She would literally be in fear for her life, and once she had a brain snap, I just couldn’t get her to calm down and listen to me.

I just accepted that she had a strong flight response and it was in her nature. Apart from the fact that she was downright dangerous to ride sometimes, I also felt bad for her to be living in a constant state of fear. However, as much as I tried, I couldn’t seem to put her at ease once she went into flight mode.

Since moving Jelly to Spring Creek Park and starting horsemanship lessons with Sandra, both Jelly and I have learned so much. Sandra has taught me many skills that have developed my horsemanship, including the important role of leadership combined with loving. We continue to have our weekly horsemanship lessons with Sandra, and the more I learn, the more chilled out Jelly becomes.  With Sandra’s help and training, I have a completely different horse now, which makes me very happy. Best of all, Jelly is now living a much happier, healthier and calmer life. I am so grateful to Sandra for changing our lives for the better.”

 Kate and Jelly Graham.


5* Firstly let me say a great BIG Thank you for today!! Buddy’s feet were trimmed.

 Just to remind you that he was a rescue horse, OK so many people would think that is such a big thing, but cast your mind back to a few weeks ago when you first met him. There he was in our paddock just one step away from being wild. He would only approach us if there was feed on offer and we could barely touch him. I was not impressed with all the people I had spoken in regard to having any work done with him as they all told me the same story “in a couple of weeks”, “Yeah we’ll sort him out” “I’ll soon teach him who’s boss”. You get the idea I really didn’t want him stressed or traumatized or worse still lose that little bit of trust he had in me.

 From that first day Sandra came out to assess him, I could see that, not only did she have a true connection with him but, more importantly I could trust Sandra to do the best she could for him. The fact that he actually wanted to come to Sandra was truly amazing (I was a bit jealous really!!) and I really knew that we were lucky to have Sandra.

 Now I’m not saying he’s been a complete angel, but the fact that it only took Sandra about 15 minutes to catch him (in an open paddock showoff!!) and the fact that he walked reasonably well was astounding. Throughout these last few weeks Sandra has completely turned him around, she treated him with respect and compassion.

 Just as a last comment, I would like to thank Sandra for the way she has treated me, I’m sure it would have been easy for someone with as much experience around horses to make me feel like a complete idiot (now that wouldn’t be hard I know), though your encouragement has made this whole process enjoyable.

 Now I know there is still quite a long journey in front of us, and there is still a lot of work to do but I am sure that we will get there!!

 Irene & Buddy



5* Spring Creek Park is A-MAZING! After having worked professionally with horses all my life I was thrilled to find Spring Creek Park for our own horses.


I was blown away by the immaculate facilities & the obvious pride that goes into the upkeep. Sandra & her professional staff are extremely knowledgeable, approachable & helpful!


I am looking forward to attending many, many more of Sandra’s horsemanship clinics. SCP caters for every horsie need we may have, including a cross country course, jumping arena, agility course, obstacle course, trail ride, numerous sized round yards & a training maze.


If you are looking for an agistment property that offers outstanding service for both you and your horse, no matter what discipline you are interested in, Spring Creek Park is it!





5* One of the first things that appealed to me while being taken on a tour by Sandra was the diversity of the establishment and the fact that I felt I had the best of both worlds….arena’s, obstacle courses with great facilities for looking after my horse and then the bonus being able to escape from it all and go on a lovely trial ride up the back! The centre was clean, organised and my children loved all the extra animals that are there!


I was equally impressed by Sandra’s clear passion for what she is doing at SCP and her commitment to improving the centre. It was clear to me from the moment I met her and ongoing that she is genuine in her desire to help any adjisters.


Sandra is a big personality and I have total respect and admiration for the skills she has in Natural horsemanship. I watch her working her horse Marty and hope that one day I too can do what she is able to do! To say I am in awe of her abilities and communication with her horse is an understatement. She truly is someone who practices what she preaches, and to watch her is to know that she is the real deal when it comes to Natural Horsemanship skills.


I have had a number of lessons from Sandra on a one on one basis and even though some times I have been challenged and Sandra has had to be firm in her handling of my frustrations she has always made me feel good about the progress I have made and I really enjoy my time with her. General was very green and had not been ridden or handled for 2 years prior to me becoming his mum and coming to SCP. He is now considered one of the quietest Thoroughbreds on the property and I have truly seen how happy he has become being there..It is early days still but I can honestly say I have developed a strong and solid bond with my horse with Sandra’s guidance and I know that he sees me as his leader and I truly love everything that I can already do with him. It is very exciting to be communicating with my horse in a way that I never thought I would be able to!


I have always found Sandra to be very approachable and she always admits if she is wrong and is open to discussion about any matter that needs to be addressed. I like knowing that if I am away my horse will be given the best care and that I will return to find him safe and happy at SCP.


If you want to have your horse at an adjistment property where you have the opportunity to learn new skills or improve the ones you have in any area of horseriding; enjoy the spoils of so many parts to work your horse in or just be part of a happy community then SCP is most definately the adjistment property for you! I hope to be at SCP for many years to come and feel fortunate to be a part of it!


Tanisha & General



5*  As a horse owner and agister of SCP I wanted the best start possible for my daughter’s 2 year old pony who came to me by chance with minimal training. I enlisted the services of Sandra Ragazzi to start my pony through her natural horsemanship program which after just six weeks in her guidance turned my pony into a very quiet, sensible, respectful desensitised pony who I can take anywhere with my daughter on board. My daughter can lead him, brush him, pick out his feet and bath him with no nonsense whatsoever. She rides him through and over obstacles, around traffic, around dogs and he is an absolute gentleman.


She has given him so much confidence it’s easy to forget that he is so young. The training has given him acceptance with anything we as humans throw at him. I can trim his feet, worm him, rug him and he walks himself onto a float. Sandra also included me in his training program which enabled him to form a special bond with myself as well as Sandra. My pony has become an absolute pleasure to own and has become a parents dream. I thoroughly recommend Sandra’s training to anyone thinking of starting a young horse or pony, the results are amazing!