Our Services


Our Services include.........


* Stable-Yard and Paddock Agistment * Post and Rail fencing

* Full Board includes 3 feeds per day and all services.

* Part Board includes all services including feeding your feed.

* Paddock agistment, seperated for feeding.

* Shared paddock

* Group Lessons * Private Lessons * Fun Days *Riding Club

       * Spelling * Pre Training * Rehabilitation * Resident Vet


As not all horses are the same and some need individual diets SCP prefers to vary these according to the needs of the client and the horse, and can be adjusted to suit.


Shared paddock agistment at the back of the property starts at $65 per week.


Shared paddocks closer to facilities without separating to feed starts at $95. This includes 1 biscuit of hay per day and restricted use of certain facilities.


Full board in shared paddocks in a small herd with separation for feeding starts at $195pw.


Private paddocks start from $110pw to $145 pw (paddock only which includes shelter or stable, rugging and un rugging and cleaning 3 times per week)


Prices are tailored to suit the horses needs and depend on the location of the paddock.


Full board in private paddocks which includes everything starts at $195pw


Indoor stables with private paddocks Start at $250 pw


Prices depend on facility use and feeding requirements.


Eg: From $65 pw is for paddock only, with no use of facilities other than cold water wash bays.


Full board includes the use of all facilities including a covered arena when available.


Please note:

SCP uses only the best quality feeds that come from the Centre West and Victoria. We use triple sieved chaff in plastic bags to avoid dust and wet down all feeds. 


Those horses in private paddocks and small shared paddock are fed 3 times a day.


This prevents overfilling their stomachs when fed twice daily and a long break between feeds.


SCP puts the horses health first and foremost, we do everything possible to maintain their eating patterns and habits are consistent and well maintained.


We pay extra attention to their weight and ensure that they have the right amount of feed all year round, adjusting it when necessary to maintain a healthy and desirable weight level.


We also put round bales in all paddocks at times when the weather does not accommodate their needs. This may increase the cost depending on what level of agistment your horse is on.


Eg: If your horse is in a shared paddock at a lower price then the cost of the round bale will be divided by each owner in the paddock.


Our full board feed includes 2 Buckets and 2 biscuits of hay per day, fed over 3 feeds.


Stabled horses get 2 buckets and 3 biscuits of hay per day.


For any further information or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Sandra, at Spring Creek Park known as SCP, we would be more than happy to discuss our options.


Phone: 0216545907

Mobile  0407877766

Emails: Info@springcreekpark.com.au



or go to our contact page and send an email from there.