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Scott Brodie Spring Creek Equestrian Squad Training

As of next week I will be conducting a number of group training sessions in various levels of riding, the intention is to establish the most desirable skills required by agisters at and visitors to Spring Creek Equestrian centre. The idea is to make available at an affordable cost high quality tuition for riders of all standards. This initial offering will also help to establish the regularity and type of sessions most sought as well as the best time schedules.

Unfortunately for a variety of reasons athletes in the equestrian community are usually forced to either pay large fees to instructors who are happy to take the money and disappear until next lesson or are left to their own devices when it comes to training themselves and their horses, learning through trial and error, making mistakes that have been made a thousand times before when the answers to all horse problems are there to be easily passed on to committed students.

Once upon a time riders in military academies had the luxury of instructors with passion,direction and knowledge passed on for hundreds of years who were judged by the performance of their troops, riders had access to many different horses and the accumulated knowledge of their superiors and comrades.

Except in the highest level professional stables where income is often the mark of success the mounted police is one of the few institutions where this type of opportunity for equestrian training continues to exists. I was lucky enough to spend 11 years with the NSW mounted police where i was exposed to the those opportunities, more to this in my time with the mounted police i sought out the best external instructors i could find, this put me in the rare position of being able to ride a large variety of horses for many hours a day in very unusual sometimes dangerous situations and with the knowledge of my mounted instructors as well as incredible external instructors I had the opportunity to put into practical application hundreds of years of accumulated horsemanship.

With over 20 years of classical equitation training, studying largely the techniques of the Spanish riding School and the Portuguese school of equestrian art and with the knowledge and experience gained at the mounted police i went on to compete at 3 star eventing , schooled horses from break in to grand prix dressage movements and was awarded the highest honours available with the the NSW mounted police.

As an athlete and coach who has competed and coached to national and international level in numerous sports I have been involved in many squads. Squads, where a coach commits to getting the best from his athletes, who considers the individual needs of his charges, who sets realistic goals, problem solves, and pushes athletes to their best performance when required.

I believe such squad training, sadly missing in the equestrian world is the best way to help athletes reach there ultimate goals, be they the highest competitive levels of equestrian sports, employment in the horse industry or just to become the best rider they can be.

I offer my knowledge experience and passion developed over 40 years of coaching to a limited number of committed students. It will be my goal to mentor this group to reach the varying goals of each individual.
Sure there will be a cost, i have to put bread on the table, but by structuring the program through a combination of group and private tuition sessions this cost will be kept to a minimum, a harmonious welcoming supportive team mentality will be developed and nurtured and lessons will be learnt by each other from each other. Opportunities will exist for a limited number of committed working students who cannot afford tuition.

students will receive thorough training in classical dressage, show jumping cross country riding, general horsemanship and horse training, committed students will become horses trainers in there own right. Eventually students should they wish to, and show aptitude, will be given the opportunity to start unhandled and or young horses.

My ultimate goal will be to develop good people with problem solving skills,dedication, work ethic and respect, the development of these good people with these admirable attributes will ensure the development of equestrians who will be proud of there achievements with whom i will be proud to have my name associated.

Session 1 Monday 21st January 530pm suitable for all level of rider cost $50 Basic practical Riding skills
Utilising training techniques developed by Nsw mounted police for over 150 years learn Proper riding position and balance.

correct control of your horse {efficient application of correct aids} proactive riding technique
Confidence building for horse and rider
Practical riding situations.

Session two Tuesday 22nd January 530pm not suitable for absolute beginner cost $50

Classical equitation principles and technique.

utilising techniques traceable back 2500 years the student will Become the best rider they can be.
Develop their horse to be the best it can be
Develop a love for the art of equestrianism.

Prepare for competition and show {Beginners to advanced}

Session 3 Thursday 24th January 530pm suitable for beginner to novice {1m} Cost $50 Introduction to and development of correct jump riding.
students will
Develop confidence in themselves

build confidence and a trusting relationship with their horse
develop a steady and balanced jump riding position
develop a steady, balanced ridable jumping horse.
work from pole to grid work then to various jumps and combinations.